Abortion, the killing of the unborn child?


The Bible portrays life as very sacred.  When man sinned God did not destroy them but instead paid the death penalty for them.  God also enjoined in the government of the Israelite nation that whosoever killed (murdered) another human being the slayer had to forfeit his own life.  Concerning the unborn children, when a mother is pregnant, the Bible depicts that unborn person as a baby or child.  If anyone accidentally killed an unborn child, as in two men fighting and one hurts the wife's pregnancy, then the person causing the baby to die was charged by the judges.  If on the other hand the baby in the womb was intentionally killed, then the man causing the death of the unborn child was killed.  This would tell us that the taking of the life of an unborn child is wrong.  This is not to say that there are no occasions when one might have to take the life of an unborn.  Among others for example,when a mother's life in danger that would obviously require that the mother be saved and the pregnancy sacrificed for her sake.  Let's look at some scripture on this matter of abortion.

1. God recognizes the unborn as children while in the womb. Gen. 25:21, 23.

2. Individuals recognized that God was responsible for their existence while in the womb. Ps. 139:13-16.

3. Jeremiah was told that God knew him even before he was conceived, and while in the womb he was ordained a prophet. Jer. 1:5.

4. When Mary, pregnant with the Saviour, met her cousin Elisabeth who was pregnant with John the Baptist, the Bible said that the baby leaped in the womb. Luke 1:41-44.

5. If a man deliberately kills an unborn child then he was put to death. Ex. 21:22, 23.

6. David says that sin affected him even before he was born. Ps. 51:5.



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