1.  Hell, the grave, symbolizes the destruction of the wicked at the end of the world.  Psalms 145:20. 

2.  Jesus makes it very clear when he will destroy the wicked.  Mat. 13:30, 38-42.

3.  The Bible does not teach that hellfire is an eternally burning place.  Mal. 4:1, 3.

4.  The Bible says the wages of sin is death and the gift of God is eternal life; death is the opposite of life. Rom. 6:23.

5.  The Bible teaches that the earth will be renewed and sinners and wickedness will not exist again.  Rev. 21:1, 4; Nahum 1:9.

6.  The Old Testament also teaches of the New Earth to come.  Isa. 66:22.

7.  All the wicked and rejecters of God's mercy will be burnt up in fire, called the lake of fire.  Rev. 20:12-14.

8.  The Bible makes it clear that the wicked are "brought forth" from the graves (Rev. 20:12, 13) to be burnt up at the end of the world.  Job 21:30.

9.  The Bible calls the destruction by fire, the second death; death means the cessation of life.  Rev. 20:14.

10. While the wicked will be forever dead, the righteous will be living eternally in the new earth.  2Pet. 3:13.

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