Human and Animal Gender?


1.  In the beginning God made each human as one male and one female. Gen. 1:27

2.  Similarly with the animals they were made one male and one female. Gen. 6:19

3.  God saw that this designation of male and female was very good. Gen. 1:31

4.  God made a distinction between a man and a woman, male and female. Deut. 22:5

5. Each gender is to have a sexual relationship only with the opposite gender. Lev. 18:22

6.  Marriages in the Bible were always between a male and a female. Deut. 7:3; Rev. 19:7

7. The purpose of male and female gender is that humans might propagate Gen. 1:28

8.  Similarly the animals were to multiply as well. Gen. 1:22

9.  Jesus spoke of marriage as between male and female. Mat. 19:4, 5

10. This marriage between a man and a woman was made at creation. Gen. 2:24


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