Dear Pastor:

        By seeking to re-define marriage to mean a 'union between any two individuals regardless of gender,' the Liberal government of Canada claims to be defending the Human Rights of minorities, (homosexuals).  Is this action wise and appropriate?

Dear Reader,

        This decision of the Liberal Government of Canada is sad, erroneous, and inappropriate.

        In order to legitimize homosexuality the Paul Martin Government says that homosexuality is a human right that falls under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; and that the government therefore needs to legislate in favour of it.  Since marriage and human sexuality have to do with morality, the Canadian government intends to make homosexuality moral, and morally acceptable, by its action of redefining marriage to incorporate any two individuals regardless of gender.  Now when one reads the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, one finds nowhere in it that homosexuality is a human right or a minority right.

        In fact, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms begins by declaring to all and sundry that Canadians operate under the recognition of the supremacy of God and the rule of law.  Here is how it is worded: "Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:"  This is the preamble to all the rights and freedoms that are spelt out in this Schedule.  This preamble therefore means that the supremacy of God and and the rule of law must be recognized in all the human rights actions of government.  So, therefore, when the government makes, or seeks to make, any law on human rights and freedoms, it must recognize the supremacy of God.  What does the supremacy of God mean?

        According to the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (2000, ver. 2.5, online) 'supremacy' means: "The quality or state of being supreme;" also, "supreme authority or power."  And this same dictionary defines 'supreme' as: "Highest in rank or authority."  This means, friends, that whatever rights and freedoms that Canadians make, they must recognize the supremacy of God in order for these rights and freedoms to be legitimate.  And looking at this Schedule, (the Charter) one can safely say that as it stands, one can recognize the supremacy of God.  In other words, this Charter as it is worded, does not contradict the authority of God in Canadian life. 

        However, when the government, pressured by the homosexual minority and by activist judges, who may themselves be homosexuals, or homosexual sympathizers, seeks to redefine marriage in order to accommodate homosexuals, and at the same time link their actions to the Charter of Rights, they openly disregard and reject the supremacy or authority of God, and set up instead human authority over God's authority and supremacy.  The Supreme God says that homosexuality is a sin, and that it will keep its practitioners out of heaven if they continue to practice it when they are told that it is wrong and is condemned by God.  For example, here is what the Supreme God, whose supremacy the Charter professes to recognize, says to us about homosexuality: (Lev 18:22 KJV) Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. 

        Having rejected the supremacy of God, the activist judges and the homosexual minority now pressure the Canadian government to do likewise, and legitimize homosexuality through legislation.  This means, therefore, that Canadian human rights and freedoms are no longer based on the recognition of the supremacy of God but upon the lusts and desires of individuals.  Therefore, any minority that has a personal practice, whatever the practice, through argumentation, persuasion, and coercion, with the help of activists judges or members of parliament can, given time, have their personal practice codified as law and human rights and freedoms.

        Now this is exactly what Sweden and Germany have experienced.  People's personal practices of bestiality, homosexuality, and prostitution have been given legitimacy by their governments; although, like the other European countries, they have not gone as far as Belgium and Holland in redefining marriage.  And when we read the news coming out of Sweden and Germany, we see that they are not fearing well due to these legal practices.  In fact, because of the adverse affects on women, the Swedish government has had to reverse its law on prostitution; Sweden is also experiencing a spate of sexually abused animals which is worrying the veterinarians.  The Germans are also experiencing difficulty with their law on prostitution.  If Paul Martin's Liberal government goes ahead and legalizes homosexual marriages by passing  bill C-38, then it will not be long before other practices of the minority calmer for recognition, and eventually get it.  And all of this in direct opposition to the supremacy of God, which they claim to recognize.

        Since the government rejects the supremacy of God they now have no choice but to accept the supremacy of the activist judges in determining what is right and free; and when it is left to human beings to determine through their own supremacy what is right and free, the result is always, without fail, error, suppression, and corruption; often the majority is suppressed and corrupted by the minority who bear the authority and the arms to defend their institutions.  We witness this today in many countries through out the world.  And Canada is following suit.  It is very prudent to recognize that the consequences of rejecting the supremacy of God are always corruption, anarchy, suppression, and destruction.  And in the world to come, the loss of eternal life.

        It is my sincerest wish that the people of Canada will recognize the supremacy of God as their Charter of Rights and Freedoms assert; and it is my hope that they will reject all the decisions that go against the supremacy of God; for by so doing they will ally themselves with the omnipotent God and thus reap eternal life.  God bless.

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