Dear Pastor:

        What sort of music should Christians indulge in?

        Dear Reader,

        Music plays a very important part in the lives of most individuals.  Music has the capacity to calm, excite, depress, and disturb the brain.  We therefore must become knowledgably of the qualities of music and how they affect us as individuals.  We read in the Bible that only that which can bring purity, joy, and virtue should be espoused by Christians.  Here is the text: (Phil 4:8 KJV) Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

        If the text of the music is vulgar and unchristian we should leave it alone; if the text is immorally suggestive we should also let it alone.  There are many sentimental and sexually suggestive songs which some people sing in the church and would like churches to adopt; but we must resist the notion to do so.  Rock, Funk, Hip Hop, and other such music must have no place absolutely in God's church; we must not even use this type of music to attract the young to the church.  This is deception and wrong.  This type of music is very often associated with sex and drugs; even if the purpose of the music is 'humanitarian,' such as helping the poor of the world, or in aide of some good endeavour for society, the Christian must have no part in it.

        The reason why Christians cannot indulge Rock and that type of music, is that the music does not tend to lead to holiness and purity; while many Christians do listen to and play this type of music, experience has shown that they are not the better for it in their Christian walk with God.  The Christian must also be watchful of sentimental, love songs.  While some can be amusing, others can be depressive to the constant listener.  There are many secular tunes that can be joyful and pleasant; and the Christian must seek for those that will uplift and lighten life's burdens.  Christian songs are to draw the individual to a better, stronger, and closer relationship with God; and because the emotions are affected by the music, the Christian must be very sure that his emotions are always led to God and His purity.  This means that the rhythm, the pitch, beat, and the text of the music must always be factors to consider when indulging music for church and play. 

        Secular music and church music should not be mixed together.  Church music is for worship, praise, and adoration of the Creator.  Good secular music can be pleasant and recreational, but not for worship purposes.  In today's world all types of music are used in the Church, and people are at a loss as to which is appropriate and which not.  One must therefore consider what the music is doing to one's senses.  If it is drawing the individual closer to God, and enabling the person to live a calm, godly life, then it may be good; if, however, the senses are excited immorality, or violently, then it must be left alone.  May God grant us the wisdom and understanding to know what is good and appropriate music; and may he give us the will power to accept only that which is uplifting.  God bless.

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