Dear Pastor Ron:

      Dear Pastor Ron: More on prophecy of Daniel 2. Final.

So far we have been able to follow the prophecy of Daniel 2 historically down to the divided European nations. We saw in verse 43 that it was predicted that there will not be another nation that will rule over the world like the Romans and their predecessors did, but that Europe will be divided and remain so until the return of Jesus to this earth. Please notice that it says that Jesus will return to earth while the empires of Europe will remain as individual nations. There will never be a United States of Europe the Bible says. God’s kingdom will ‘break’ to pieces all other empires or rulers of earth, and it shall remain forever.

Also notice in the ensuing verses (45-48) king Nebuchadnezzar acknowledged Daniel’s God, the same God who is creator of all things and whom we Christians worship, as God of gods and Lord of lords and worshipped him. Let us summarize this prophecy found in Daniel 2. God gives a heathen king who conquered His disobedient people a dream of world history from his day to the end of time. Daniel correctly interprets the dream where upon the king being very impressed accepts the God of Daniel as his God. The dream showed all the world empires from the Neo Assyrian Empire (Babylon), 605-539BC, to the next Persian Empire, 539-331BC then to the Grecian empire, 331-168BC, and on to the Roman Empire, 168BC-476AD (Western Rome).

The prophecy continued to foretells of the division of Rome into the countries of Europe, and states that they will not be united under one leader as were the previous empires. The prophecy goes on to make it very clear that in the days of divided Europe Jesus will return to set up His kingdom which will remain forever.

This prophecy is the backbone of world history that everyone can study in any library. Of course the finer details are left out of this prophetic dream; however, these details are actually included in the next prophecies in Daniel’s book.

Folks, get yourselves acquainted with these prophecies to see the wonderful revelation that God has given the world, to make everyone aware of His great love for humanity, His call to repentance, and His call for all to accept Him as Lord of their lives. Our next prophecy is found in Daniel 7. This prophecy is packed with details and information that are most important for everyone. You will find amazing historical fulfillment of this prophecy which will demonstrate how loving God is to reveal to us these details.

God gives us ample time to get to know Him through the things of nature and through His Word, the Bible. He tells us in 2 Timothy 3:16, 17: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” Let us therefore love Him, folks, for He is worthy of our love. May God bless you all. Pastor Ron Henderson is currently the pastor for the Mirror Seventh-day Adventist churche. Tell him what you think at


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