Dear Pastor:

        Can't Christians accept the proposition that God started life on earth by creating the simplest forms of life and leaving them to evolve?  Would that not satisfy both creationists and evolutionists?

        Dear Reader,

        For a Christian to accept the proposition above is actually to abdicate Christianity and also to reduce it to a simple, meaningless, club.  In fact, should one accept the above proposition one would give the lie to Christianity.  Christianity would be a farce.

        You see, friends, Christianity must have no rivals.  Either it is true, or it is false.  To accept that God started life by making the simplest forms of life and leaving them to evolve means that the teachings of the Bible on creation are myths and falsehood.  The Bible states categorically that God made this world through fiat creation; that is, God made things immediately, and in their completed forms.  There was, and there is, no order of life that evolved from a simple order into a more complex one.  The Scriptures say, for example, in Exodus 20:8, 11, that in six days God created the heavens and the earth and rested on the seventh day, the Sabbath.  In six literal days God made everything; he even made a memorial of this creation; he made the seventh day, and called it the Sabbath; so as mankind rested every weekly Sabbath he would remember the creative works of God.

        And also, the Bible teaches that man fell from perfection into sinfulness; it says that man's disobedience in the garden brought sin and death into the world.  This means that before sin came into the world nothing was supposed to die.  We read in Romans 5:12 that by one man's sin death came into the world and passed on to everyone, for all have sinned.  Evolution teaches that death is natural to the universe, and that by death things evolve and become better or more complex.  Evolution cannot exist without the presence of death.

        Christianity teaches that God sent Jesus into the world to die for fallen humanity.  Jesus' death offers pardon and salvation from sin to all who accept this sacrifice.  Should we accept any form of, or compromise with, evolution then we make this whole assertion of Jesus dying for our sins, and saving us from our sins, total nonsense.  More than that, if we accept evolution or any party of it we make God a myth or a liar; we make Christ a mere misguided human being deceiving humanity.  Evolution, or theistic evolution as the proposition above, cannot be accepted by Christians.  It is totally false.  The teaching of evolution is one of Satan's ploys to remove belief and trust in God, and to rubbish His salvation for humanity. 

        Finally, even if we refuse to accept the existence of God and creation, we do not invalidate this truth.  The truth is the truth regardless of the distortions and perversions we propose.  Satan will soon be destroyed when Jesus returns to this world to claim his faithful people.  Satan knows this and is trying desperately to prevent humanity from accepting this loving and gracious gift of pardon, so they too can loose eternal life.  My prayer for all my readers is that they will not be deceived by falsehood; but that they will accept Jesus into their lives and so be saved for eternity when he returns to this earth.  God bless.

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