Dear Pastor:

       Does the economic crisis in our world today signify the end of the world?

        Dear Reader,

        The Bible does, indeed, speak of the end of the world; and our Lord Jesus Christ has told us of the signs that portend the end or our world as we know it.  As we read these passages of scripture we find that it is not 'one' sign only that will signify the end of earth's history, but a series of signs.  So if we observe carefully these signs we will have a good understand of the end of time.  Let us remember, however, that we are told that 'no man knows when the end will come but the Father only.'  Mat. 24:36.  This means that no sign in the Bible tells us exactly when Jesus will come to bring things to an end.

        Therefore, friends, when we see signs fulfilling we should be careful not to say that the end will come on such and such a day or specific time due to what we see taking place.  We must, however, be knowledge of these signs so that we can encourage others and ourselves of the nearness of Christ's return.  Our Lord admonishes us to watch and be ready.  Mat. 24:43, 44

        When Christians go around teaching that the end will come on a particular date, or at a specific time we actually bring disrepute to God's Word; and we also cause people to reject the teachings of the Scriptures, relegating them to fantasy and speculation.  This serves no good purpose but to play into the hands of the enemy of souls.  Christians should seek always to be viewed as serious, intelligent, and well grounded individuals.  It is true that in spite of all good appearances and intelligence we Christians will still be maligned and ridiculed.  Evil will always fight against the good.  Let us not make matters worse by speculative assertions or false predictions. 

        The best way for us to not indulge in speculative guesses and predictions on the end of the world is for us to seek to be well versed in the Scriptures.  We must always be ready to give an answer to those who ask anything regarding the teachings of the Word.  The word itself tells us to be always ready to give an answer to those who will enquire of us of our hope or belief, or of the things taking place in our world.  1Peter 3:15; 2Tim. 4:2.  The emphasis, then, will not be on what 'we' think, but on what the Scriptures teach.  It is the Spirit of God in his Scriptures that will convict and convert individuals.  We are the vehicle through which God works to reach mankind; and God calls for intelligent and knowledgeable believers.  We read this in 2Tim 3:16, 17.

        So then, my friends, as we see signs fulfilling all around us in our world let us be ready always to meet our Lord; and let us continually resort to the Scriptures for confirmation as to the meaning of the things taking place around us.  When we speak the Word let us make sure that we do it correctly and wisely.  The biblical injunction is to be a 'man who knows how to rightly' understand the word of truth.  2Tim. 2:15.  May God bless us and grant us wisdom as we live in these exciting times.  God bless.
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