1.  Grace is God's free gift of pardon through Christ.  Acts 15:11. Rom. 3:24, 4:4; 5:20, 21.

2.  Grace enables us to be
obedient to the faith. Rom. 1:5

3.  We receive this grace by
faith in His Word.  Rom. 4:16; 5:2

4.  Does grace mean that we can
continue doing sinful acts?               
Rom. 6:1-6, 11-16.

5.  Grace and works, let there be
no confusion.  Rom. 11:5, 6; Gal. 2:21; 5:4; Rom. 8:1-4.

6.  To attempt to be saved by works cancels grace. Rom. 4:4

7.  The
elect of God who are under grace are also sanctified unto obedience.  1Pet. 1:2;

8.  Grace has to do with God's great love; works has to do with man's loving response to Grace.  John 3:16; Ps. 119:159; John 14:15.

It is due to God's marvelous grace that mankind is given another opportunity to live securely with God.  Man did nothing to deserve such wonderful grace.  However, man's response to this grace is one of faithful obedience.  Should man not respond in acts of obedience, through God's power, then man relation with God is questionable, to say the least.