Pastor's Corner:

Homosexuality, Part 3

Dear Pastor:
If some people are born homosexuals, does not that excuse their actions? Or why should they be condemned for practicing actions they are born with?

Dear Reader,
The issue is not whether or not a person is born a homosexual, but rather, does a person have the right to practice homosexuality if he or she is born with such tendencies or proclivities? The answer of course is categorically not! It is believed that many individuals are born with tendencies to depravity, or immorality, or crime, or even good qualities. What if someone is born into a milieu where there is violence and crime; what if the same person's parents were themselves criminals, do we hold him or her guiltless if he or she commits murder, or robbery? Of course not. While individuals may commit wrong acts because their heredity, background, or environment, may have contributed to such a commission, these persons are nevertheless held responsible for their acts. In today's societies this would mean that someone with bad heredity, and bad upbringing will be arrested if he or she commits a crime which may have been influenced by his past.

If society can establish such laws in order to properly govern itself, who determines what is morally right or wrong for the individual? Is this left to society? First of all, it is not left to society to determine what is morally right or wrong. That arbitration must come from outside of society; and its moral code must therefore be applicable to all humanity. The being then, that determines what is morally right or wrong is God. And His moral code can be found in the Bible or Scriptures. The Bible, then, is the sole source for correctly determining what is morally acceptable or unacceptable. Man may set up all sorts of customs and practices, and many of these may be very good; but these are not to be the determiner of what is moral or immoral. While we may need to obey man's customs or practices, these must never override God's moral code found in the Bible. An individual must never be brought to the position where he or she has to choose between man's laws and God's laws. God's laws must always take precedence.

So therefore, if society makes laws to protect homosexuality, as we are doing today, then society is wrong, and stands under the condemnation of God. And any persecution or imprisonment of those who, reject these laws of society, and preach or speak (not resorting to acts of intimidation or violence) against such enacted laws, must stop. Society is never to play God. Society must, on the other hand, align itself with God's laws on morality. It may be perfectly right for society to protect a man or woman who is gay from being bullied or killed, but it is never right, and can never be right, for society to protect "gay rights," that is, the right to practice homosexuality. For society to do this would be to step outside of its jurisdiction. It does not have this power. To do this would be to override God's code of morality. God clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination punishable by death (if the perpetrator does not repent and stop his or her actions); the Bible tells us: (Lev 18:22 KJV) Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. 

Therefore, reader, it behooves us to accept God's standard of right and wrong, for one day soon He will return to this earth to judge every man according to his works by His (God's) own standard of judgment, the Ten Commandments, see Proverbs 24:12; James 2:8-12.

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