Male, Female Designation

The Bible is very clear on male/female designation. God has hardwired this in the DNA of every individual. Every chromosome of females are hardwired to be XX while males are hardwired to be XY. So no matter how hard one tries to change his chemistry or internal and externals organs with medication he or she is hardwired to be male or female, according to today's science. Of course, aberrations and disorders in the chromosomes can create issues in one's sexuality; however, the individuals are hardwired in their DNA information to be either male or female in spite of these aberrations. Biblical Christians see these aberrations in a person's development to be the result of 'sin' inherited from our forefathers. We are all born sinful and will manifest often times disorders in our development. The Psalmist tells us that we were all born in sin and shapen in iniquity, Ps. 51:5. So here are a few texts showing male/female designations in the Bible.


Mat. 19:4 Jesus confirms that God (He, Himself, actually) made male and female designations in the beginning.

Genesis 1:27 The actual creation account says it clearly how God designated the gender animals and humans.

Genesis 2:18 God said he will make a 'help meet' for man (Help meet is the Hebrew expression). The word 'meet' in the expression 'help meet' here means someone like Adam, but stands in contrast to him, that is was different while being like him.

Genesis 2: 21-23 These verses explain clearly who this help meet was; it was a being like him, but of the opposite gender, it was a woman. The Hebrew word for 'woman' (Isha) here is the feminine designation of the masculine word, Ish. So God made a 'woman', a female, for Adam who was a male.

Genesis 2:24 In verse 24 God goes on to call this female, Adam's wife, and states clearly that a man must 'leave' his father and mother and be united with his wife, and that way they become one flesh; a united couple. This 'one flesh' can only take place when a male is united to his female, for they compliment and contrast with each other, male and female.

Genesis 4:19 In the beginning God made one woman for a man, not several women for a man. Poligamy started with Lamech after sin came into the world.

Genesis 4:1 When Eve had her first child she saw that it was male, she knew the distinction or difference between a 'male' and a 'female.' How was Eve able to tell the difference? The same way we are able to tell the difference today!

Genesis 4:16; Genesis 6:1-2 When men and women sought someone to marry they always sought someone of the opposite gender, God stipulated it that way.

Ecclesiastes 7:29 this text tells us that God made man with good rules He knew would preserve the race, but men rebelled and did their own thing.

Romans 6:23 The wages of sin or rebellion is death. To follow man's godless ways will always lead to eternal death.


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