The Earthly Sanctuary

The purpose of the earthly sanctuary was a pictoral illustration of God's plan of salvation for all humanity. This way God could dewll with His people as they worshipped Him in a more knowledgible and understanding way. When humans became frustrated with God through trials and stress of life that seemed to show that God was not intrested in them or their plight, if they considered for the a while the proceedings of the sanctuary services they would once again see the workings of God in bringing salvation, peace, and joy to humanity where before they only saw darkness and grief. The sanctuary, both the earthly and heavenly reveals the true desire of the Godhead and heavenly beings towards sinful, burdened, and sorrowful humanity. Every activity and structure of the sanctuary reveals the most wonderful love of God as He seeks to reclaim mankind into the family of God once more.

Exodus 25:8 The sanctuary was God's way of dwelling among His people.

Ps. 73:17 Worried about the success of evil and not good, the psalmist understood the matter as he contemplated the sanctuary.

Isa. 56:7The sanctuary was a place of worship not just for the Jews, but for all people who would come to worship Him.

Mark 11:17 Jesus reminded the Jews of this when He saw how they corrupted the worship there.

Ps. 77:13 All can understand God's plan when they tudy the services of the sanctuary.

2 Sam. 11:12, 13; 1 Kings 5:5 God promised King David that his son Solomon will build this temple of God.

1 Kings 6:1 Solomon started this construction in his fourth year.

1 Kings 6:38 The sanctuary was built in seven years.

Deut. 16:16 All sacrifices and worship feasts were only to be done at the sanctuary.


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