1.  Approaching his crucifixion Jesus gave a beautiful promise of his return to his sad disciples.  John 14:1-3.

2.  On his way back to heaven Jesus promised his disciples that he would come again.  Acts 1:9-11.

3.  While on earth Jesus admonished his followers to be always ready for his second coming. Mat. 24:43, 44.

4.  In the closing words of the Revelation Jesus promised to come quickly.  Rev. 22:20.

5.  God's Holy Spirit invites us to also tell others that Jesus is coming again.  Rev. 22:16, 17.

6.  The promise of the second coming gives us hope as we approach death, knowing that we will be resurrected.  2Tim. 4:6-8.

7.  Revelation also tells us that God will set up his kingdom forever on this earth at the second coming.  Rev. 21:1-3.

8.  The apostle Peter tells us that many will laugh and scoff at the promise of the second coming.  2Pet. 3:3, 4.

9.  Peter goes on to say that in spite of the scoffing Jesus will most certainly come again.  2Pet. 3:8, 9.

10. God's promise to us is that he will come to make all things new with no more sin and sinners present.  Rev. 21:4-7.

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