1.  God made sexuality to be shared only between a man and a woman.  Gen 2:23, 25Mat. 19:4-6.

2.  Sexuality was made that the race of mankind may be procreated and preserved.  Gen. 1:28Gen. 1:27, 28.

3.  Sexuality was an activity that man and woman were to enjoy.  Song of Solomon 1:14-16; (read the entire book)

4.  Sexuality and togetherness in sexuality were not shameful but enjoyable and natural.  Gen. 2:25; Prov. 30:18, 19.

5.  Sexuality was only to be practiced between married individuals who were male and female.  Mark 10:6-9.

6.  When an individual practiced sexuality outside of marriage he or she committed a sin.  Exodus 20:14.

7.  Fornication also constitutes sexual sin between two unmarried individuals, that is, a man and a woman.  John 8:41;

8.  Individuals who continue to practice fornication or adultery are sinning and will not have eternal life.  1Cor. 6:9, 10

9.  When God preserved the animals and mankind from the world deluge, he preserved them in pairs of male and female.  Each one had his or its opposite sex; it was always male and female.  Gen. 6:19; 7:16.

10. Biblical sexuality is always between male and female; the practice of any other sexuality outside of this format is in the eyes of God a grievous sin, and is punishable with death if the individuals do not repent and cease from their activity.  Lev. 18:22; Jude 1:6, 7.

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