1.  Jesus promised his disciples that the Holy Spirit would give them the ability to speak in tongues.  Mark 16:17.

2.  This promise of Jesus was in the context of preaching the gospel to all nations of men.  Mark 16:15.

3.  This same promise is given in Matthew more completely.  Mat. 28:18-20.

4.  When the Holy Spirit was poured out on Pentecost the disciples spoke in different languages.  Acts. 2:4-8.

5.  Gentiles converted to Christianity also received the gift of languages.  Acts. 10:44-48.

6.  The word for 'tongues' here in the New Testament refers to human languages.  Acts 10:46, 47; Acts 2:7-11.

7.  The Old Testament also refers to tongues as meaning languages.  Gen. 10:20; Isa. 66:18.

8.  Daniel and his companions had to learn the 'tongue,' or language, of the Chaldeans.   Dan. 1:4.

9.  While tongues are an important tool for witnessing, this gift is not the most important; it falls at the bottom end in the list of gifts given to the church, and left out of the other gifts' passages in the N. T.  1 Cor. 12:10; 1 Cor. 12:30.

10. The most important gift to the church is the gift of love.  1Cor. 12:31; 1Cor. 13.

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