Dear Pastor:

Did Jesus or the New Testament writers abolish the Ten Commandments law?

Dear Reader,

Some believers think that Jesus and/or the New Testament writers "did away" with the Ten Commandments; they also cite texts from the Bible which they say affirm their ideas.

Well, what are the Ten Commandments? The Ten Commandments are Godís moral law given to all humanity as a guide for correct interpersonal, and divine-human relationships. This means that if humans are to get along well with one another, they must not steal from one another; they must not kill (murder) one another; they must not lie to one another, and so on, until we cover the last six of the Ten Commandments. 

So also, if man is to worship God correctly then he must not make false gods in place of God; he must not worship false gods; he must not take Godís name in vain; and he must worship God on the day of worship specified by God. Looking carefully again at the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:1-17, we will see that the first four commandments refer to manís relationship with his God, and the second six refer to manís relationship with his fellow-man. Can you, reader, think of a time when these principles can be dispensed with this side of eternity?

Notice this, all nations today on this planet, even countries like Somalia and Rwanda where there has been so much murder and anarchy, govern themselves by all or some of these Ten Commandments. Without these the entire world would live in anarchy and confusion. Have you noticed how the more we disregard these Ten Commandments the more we breed immorality and crime?

Why would God tell Christians that the Ten Commandments are not binding, while society recognizes that without them there would be anarchy and confusion? Are men smarter than God? The Bible calls the Ten Commandments the royal law, the perfect law of liberty; God says that this is the law by which all mankind shall be and are being judged. We find this clearly stated in James 1:25; 2:7-12. Every government has laws by which its citizens are judged; without these laws civil government cannot function.  Many of these societal laws are taken from God's Ten Commandments.

Even families have laws in their homes. Even the societies that live in the deepest reaches of the jungles of South America are governed by strict laws. As far as the law of the land is concerned all men, including Christians, must live according to the laws that govern their country. Again I ask the question, how can God tell us Christians that these laws are abolished when without them society would perish? No, friend, the Ten commandments are not abolished. Our societies need them because they are good and essential. We shall continue this topic in the next posting. God bless.

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