1.  God made the body (the human being) perfect and healthy.  Ps. 139:14; Gen. 1:27, 31.

2.  Before sin entered and before the flood God gave man a vegetarian diet for a healthy body. Gen. 1:29.

3.  God permitted flesh eating only after the flood; the flesh was to be of 'clean animals' only.  Gen. 8:20; 9:3; Lev. 11:1-47.

4.  God is holy and He sanctifies, or makes holy, human beings; somehow their diet helps in this holiness. Lev. 11:44, 45;

5.  God says that our bodies are holy and should not be defiled; we defile our bodies by improper eating, drinking, or abuse of our body by usage of anything harmful. 1Cor. 3:16, 17.

6.  Our bodies are for the indwelling of God's Holy Spirit.  1Cor. 6:19, 20.

7.  Sexual immorality also destroys our body-temple relationship with God.  1Cor. 6:15-18.

8.  It is God's wish for us that we prosper and be in good health.  3John 1:2.

9.  As Christians we are to present our bodies holy and acceptable before God.  Romans 12:1, 2.

10. We are mortal, subject to death; but at the resurrection we will be immortal, never to die any more.  1Cor. 15:52-54.

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